How do you store earrings in a jewelry armoire?

Properly storing and organizing your earrings will not only ensure their longevity, but will also make your daily choices hassle-free. A jewelry armoire is the centerpiece for displaying and protecting your beloved adornments. Below, we’ll delve into the nuances of storing your earrings elegantly and efficiently.

Understanding Jewelry Armoires

Jewelry cabinets are more than just storage spaces. They are designed to protect and display your earrings and other jewelry. They are often crafted with attention to detail, complete with velvet-lined compartments, hooks, and often mirrors for added convenience.

Benefits of Using Jewelry Armoires

Exploring the why and then the how can provide insight into the importance of well-maintained jewelry cabinets:

  • Customized storage solutions: they come with a variety of compartments for different types of jewelry, from necklaces to rings and, of course, earrings.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional: a well-organized closet is not only pleasing to the eye, but also makes it easier to find your earrings.
  • Protect the environment: a jewelry armoire protects your earrings from environmental factors that can cause discoloration and damage.

Organize your earrings

The cornerstone of a well-utilized jewelry armoire is organization. By categorizing your earrings, you not only maintain order, you keep them in order.


These small but important pieces are best stored in rows or in separate compartments that are kept separate and secure. This not only prevents loss, but also allows for a quick visual inventory.

Hoop earrings

Given their shape, hoop earrings are ideal for hanging storage. Hanging them from rods or hooks prevents them from tangling with other jewelry.

Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings are intricately designed and should be hung freely to prevent them from becoming tangled or damaged. Designated hooks or side compartments in your closet can accommodate their unique needs.

Use earring racks and compartments

Customization can further increase the efficiency of your closet. Adding additional racks or trays can help keep your collection organized and even accommodate a growing collection.

Preservation Tips for Earrings Storage

Preservation is the key to extending the life of earrings in your closet.

Avoid Loss of Tarnish and Damage

To prevent tarnishing, especially of silver and other sensitive metals, store them in compartments with tarnish-resistant cloth or special linings. Make sure earring posts have enough space to prevent bending.

Caring for the backs of earrings

Earring backs often seem to disappear into thin air. By storing them on earring posts or in a designated area, you can minimize the risk of loss.

Maximize your jewelry cabinet space

When cleverly organized, a jewelry cabinet can be a space of endless possibilities.

Stackable trays and dividers

By introducing stackable trays and dividers, you can create multiple levels of storage so you can further categorize your earrings.

Creative use of space

Utilizing vertical space and adding enhancements such as sticky hooks can increase your storage options. Find unexpected ways to expand the capacity of your closet without compromising organization.

DIY Solutions for Earring Storage

Sometimes, the best organization solutions are homegrown.

Homemade Earring Holders

Making earring holders to fit your closet is a fun and practical project. Materials such as felt, screen or cork can be used to create customized holders for different earring styles.

Repurpose household items

Everyday items can find new uses in storing earrings. From using small trays to organize earrings to using ribbon to clip earrings, these solutions are both economical and effective.

Maintain your jewelry armoire regularly

Consistent maintenance ensures that your closet remains functional and beautiful.

Cleaning and Organizing Routine

Incorporate regular closet cleaning into your daily routine. Regularly clean out compartments, polish surfaces and reorganize your collection to keep everything in order.

In conclusion, jewelry armoires offer the perfect combination of beauty and functionality for earring storage. By following these organizing and preservation tips, you can turn your closet into a fortress for earrings, ensuring they stay as dazzling and organized as they should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my earrings from discoloring in my closet?

Storing your earrings in a discoloration-resistant compartment or using discoloration-resistant strips can greatly reduce the risk of discoloration. Keep your closet in a low humidity environment and consider using a dehumidifier or silica gel packs to prevent moisture.

Can I store different metal earrings together?

It’s often best to store different metals separately to prevent chemical reactions that can cause discoloration. Use dividers or separate bags to keep the metals apart and ensure they maintain their luster and surface finish.

What is the safest way to store fragile gemstone earrings?

Earrings adorned with fragile gemstones should be placed in individual soft-lined compartments or padded boxes to protect them from scratches and knocks. Make sure each earring is separated to prevent them from bumping into each other.

How can I maximize the storage of my large earring collection in a medium-sized closet?

To optimize space in a small closet, consider utilizing vertical space by attaching hooks or strips of fabric with loops to hang earrings. Drawer dividers can convert a space into several smaller compartments, and hanging organizers on the inside of doors can provide additional storage options.

Is it better to keep earring backs on earrings or store them separately?

Attaching earring backs to earrings is often the best way to keep them from getting lost. However, for practical reasons, it can be helpful to have a small, dedicated spare backing compartment, especially if you need to replace it.